The Team Evolution programme is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our athletes.

Team Evolution was founded in 2010 to offer talented athletes a high performing, flexible and focused training programme that fulfilled individual needs, whilst simultaneously balancing their educational requirements. Accepting no more than 24 student athletes annually, the programme has attracted some of the best British athletes to the training facility in Radstadt, Austria, and is today recognised as one of the leading performance pathways for young British trainees progressing through to British Senior Teams. Whilst the delivery of the programme has evolved and improved, the Team Evolution ethos is the same now as it was then – to help develop each individual to be the best they can be, as an athlete, a student and as a person. We believe this philosophy has been key to our trainees success both on the slopes and beyond.

In the past ten years Team Evolution has consistently been at the forefront of driving training forwards in the UK, from supporting the grass roots scene to running our own alpine events. As an organisation we have collected many accolades but are most proud of those we have been awarded as a team, having won National Titles for Best Academy at various points within our history, including most recently at the 2020 English Alpine Championships.

Whilst we are proud of where we started and what we have achieved, we are even more excited by where the next decade will take us, and the student-athletes who will join us on the journey.

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