The commitment and support of each current and former trainee, parent and member of staff is what creates such a unique programme.

The Team Evolution Annual Fund is the fundraising initiative to which our entire team – current trainees, parents, staff, alumni, grandparents, ex-athletes, ex-parents and friends, plus many more – contribute to annually. The purpose of the Annual Fund is to raise finances to both directly improve the offerings of the Team Evolution programme for the long term benefit of current and future British skiers, and to support our trainee-chosen charities’ for the year.

Ski racing is hugely expensive. Ensuring that every athlete who passes through the programme learns the value of money, maximising the opportunities that they are given, and the disparity with the rest of the world, is something that we take very seriously. By better understanding our privileges and by showing support and compassion for those less fortunate, we are able to help guide trainees to better understand the real world, long before they leave the programme.

Ski racing is a sport restricted by its financial requirements. As a programme Team Evolution has always strived to keep the costs as manageable as possible. The Team Evolution Annual Fund, in partnership with The Winter Sports Foundation, allows us to allocate a limited amount of financial scholarships and financial aid to select students who may not otherwise be able to attend certain camps.

The Team Evolution Annual Fund also helps to fill the “funding gap” from the training fees that athletes pay, to the real cost of running the year round Team Evolution programme. It helps the programme run numerous team activities and initiatives throughout the year, including supporting UK grass roots clubs with educational programmes, professional development of athletes and staff, and enhancement of training facilities in the UK and Austria.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, the Team Evolution Annual Fund allows us to each year support our trainee-chosen charities’, ensuring that trainees understand the importance of “giving back” to the wider community.

Revenue is raised for the Team Evolution Annual fund through a variety of initiatives, from the legendary Team Evolution Forest Run to equipment sales, donations and special events.

Team Evolution has been fortunate enough to enjoy outstanding engagement and support from the parents of current and former athletes, and in past years has achieved around 90 percent parent participation in our fundraising initiatives.

The tradition of parental support of the Team Evolution Annual Fund reflects a commitment to the programmes mission statement and values that we are immensely proud of, and we only ask each family to participate in the way in which they are comfortable. Throughout the year families are kept informed of any particular fundraisers or initiatives, and any contribution, whether large or small, is deeply appreciated and is critical to our success in other fund-raising areas.

Parental volunteering drives many of our fundraising streams for the Team Evolution Annual Fund, and is crucial for the success of this aspect of the programme, as well as building a stronger relationship within the team. In the past, parent involvement in organising and officiating races, marshalling the Team Evolution Forest Run, arranging BBQs, organising sports events, securing corporate support and booking facilities has hugely added to the value of each fundraising initiative, and resulted in more money going to good causes. We are hugely thankful to all our parents, present and past, for their support in these areas. If you are interested in volunteering to help with any event or fundraising opportunity, please contact a member of staff.


Throughout the year, Team Evolution maintains a “wish list” which includes a variety of items highlighted by staff that would improve the programme, but are not included within the seasons’ allocated budget. Athletes have repeatedly benefitted from cases where a business has supplied goods and/or services which have greatly benefit the programme. Gifts of in-kind donations received in the past have included a van, furniture, laptop computers, food processors and building supplies.

To view the current Team Evolution Wish List please click here.


Please contact the Programme Director if you are interested in learning more about opportunities to donate to specific scholarship funds to support British athletes. All donations are tax deductible.