Throughout the year Team Evolution offers open alpine camps or “Test Camps” to individual athletes considering applying to join the programme in the following years. These Test Camp weeks are linked to existing training blocks to give potential new athletes and their parents the opportunity to experience all aspects of the Team Evolution programme first hand.

Test Camp trainees follow the same daily schedule that the Team Evolution programme offers for its full-time student-athletes. Trainees are provided with the opportunity to live-in at the Team Evolution training base (when on camps based in Radstadt) and complete a week long programme of on hill training, sport sessions, schooling and off slope activities.

Parents are invited to attend for the duration of the Test Camp and are welcome to check out the training and educational facilities on offer, as well as meet the staff and athletes involved in the Team Evolution programme. Team Evolution does not offer accommodation or transport for parents of trainees attending Test Camps. We expect that by providing potential future trainees and their families the chance to experience the Team Evolution programme first hand before making any long term commitments, we are able to answer any questions and select the right athletes for the programme to help all trainees develop towards their individual goals.

Test Camps are available during pre season and the main winter months for athletes in the U14 & U16 age groups, while FIS athletes are requested to apply individually. U10 & U12 Trainees are able to take advantage of our flexible U12 programme, and therefore do not need to request specific Test Camps.

For additional information, or to apply to join the programme, please visit the Apply page of the website, found within the “Contacts” Tab.

For 2022/23 Team Evolution will be offering the following Test Camps;

January 28th – 4th February 2023 (Radstadt, Austria – Alpine Camp – U14 & U16)

February 18th – 25th 2023 (Radstadt, Austria – Alpine Camp – U14 & U16)

March 11th – 18th 2023 (Radstadt, Austria – Alpine Camp – U14, U16 & FIS)

April 8th – 15th 2023 (Radstadt, Austria – Alpine Camp – U14, U16 & FIS)

For more information on any of the Team Evolution Test Camps, please email