Racing is back and it’s the fastest single run that wins.

After a summer of lockdown, and with a winter season that is going to bring who-knows-what challenges and travel restrictions, Team Evolution (with support from ERSA & Welwyn Ski Club) are excited to announce the Team Evolution Breakout Slalom, a one-off event taking place at Welwyn Ski Slope on the 4th October 2020.

Entries for this new format of slalom are now closed. In order to safely operate within recommended guidelines, a maximum of 120 racers have been accepted, with entry on a first come, first served basis. The entry system closed at 23.59 Sunday 27th September. Late entries will NOT be accepted.

Due to current restrictions and safety guidelines, this event will operate in a new format, with racers completing all three runs back to back, on the same course, with the fastest single timing counting for their ranking.

The race will be split into groups, and each group scheduled with an on-site arrival time, bib collection time, allocated open practice time, course inspection and then will race three runs on the same course, followed by enough time to leave the venue, to facilitate the next group of racers to arrive and take part. Groupings for start times will defer to families with multiple racers, distance travelled etc.

After the entry system closes, the running order will be determined and bib numbers allocated and published online by 23.59 Thursday 1st October, along with a full acceptance list and event timetable. This will show the earliest on-site arrival time for each group, with a programme for each round of races and the latest time for leaving site. This event, and any future races, can only operate if everyone follows what is requested of them in order to meet restrictions and guidelines. Please follow all on site instructions.

After bib collection, there will be a warm up period of 30 minutes, which will take place on the skiers left hand side of the slope, and will consist of space for free skiing. Open practice can only take place within your timetabled period, and wearing your visible bib. Anyone found to be using the warm up slope outside of their allotted time will be disqualified from the event.

Each group of racers will be invited to course inspect for one run, at their scheduled time, for a period of 10 minutes. Normal course inspection rules will apply and racers can walk back up and down, with bibs worn and visible at all times. Racers are asked to distance as much as possible during inspection.

Following course inspection, there will be a period of 5 minutes to enable each group to get to the start. In bib order, each group will race all three race runs consecutively, with overall times recorded by the race organisers and displayed live online. After completing their race runs, racers will be required to leave the slope before their designated time, making space for subsequent groups of racers who will be arriving for their allocated time slot.

Both stubby and gate courses will be set at the same time, with any U08/U10/ U12 racing on the stubbies.

At the end of the event, competitors will be ranked based on their fastest single run of the day.

Additional details can be found on the official invite here